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Academies and achievement: setting the record straight


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Title page and contents

Executive summary                                                                                                      1

Introduction                                                                                                                 4

Note: abbreviations and technical notes                                                                        6


Have academies replaced ‘underperforming’ schools?                                                  7

Have academies led to higher academic standards?                                                      8

Have academies made greater use of alternative qualifications?                                   10

How well do disadvantaged pupils achieve in academies?                                           13

Do major sponsors contribute to school improvement and higher standards?               17

Does academy status prevent schools falling below floor targets?                                22

Are academies ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum?                                         24

How likely are academy pupils to attain the EBacc subjects at GCSE?                       28

Are academies more likely to improve GCSE results than other schools?                    30

Are longer established academies any more successful?                                              34

Conclusion                                                                                                                37


Technical notes                                                                                                          40

References                                                                                                                44