A new Masters degree - Achievement in City Schools

For the past two years, we have been working with Leeds Metropolitan University on a new degree designed to meet the needs of teachers in more challenging schools - particularly schools in areas of deprivation or which contain a significant number of disadvantaged young people.

The six modules bring together up-to-date knowledge from sociology, curriculum studies, teaching and learning, social justice and school development. We include knowledge and ideas which question the ways schools are controlled and judged, and equip teachers with ideas to enrich learning and improve student engagement. Our current participants range from experienced headteachers to young teachers aspiring to influence change.

All the assignments are based on practical school-based activities, investigations and planning, in order to gain a better understanding of children's lives and to work out better ways to overcome barriers to learning and raise achievement.

You can read about the six modules here, and on this sheet learn about the option, for schools with several interested teachers, of combining this with CPD on teacher research. MA and CPD Flyer

For more information, please contact  terrywrigley@gmail.com or lori.beckett@leedsmet.ac.uk  who are about to enrol a new group of teachers in September.