Schools of hope: a new agenda for school improvement

This book was written by Terry Wrigley (2003). It challenges official models of 'School Improvement' and introduces a wealth of new thinking on ability, curriculum, teaching and learning, social justice and community. It is made available here by kind permission of the publishers Trentham Books.

Cover and summary




Chapter 1         School effectiveness: the problem of reductionism
Chapter 2         School improvement: where do we go from here?


Chapter 3         Commitment or surveillance: the ecology of change
Chapter 4         Whose improvement? whose schools?


Chapter 5         Raising expectations – rethinking ‘intelligence’
Chapter 6         Curriculum, class and culture
Chapter 7         Pedagogies for improving schools
Chapter 8         Schools for citizens


Chapter 9         Communities of learning
Chapter 10       Social justice – or a discourse of deficit?


Chapter 11       Schools for a future