Teaching for excellence
a handbook for CPD and classroom observation


1    Introduction    (Scottish or English version)                                                                              
2    Curriculum: content and focus      (Scottish or English version)                                              
3    A brief introduction to theories of learning                                    
4    Modes of teaching                                                                    
5    Explaining and presenting                                                         
6    Patterns of classroom language                                             
7    Discussion                                                                                    
8    Other learning through talking                                                     
9    Learning in small groups                                                         
10  Activity learning                                                                        
11  Enquiry from books                                                                                 
12  Direct enquiry methods: social surveys and fieldwork               
13  Beyond the lesson plan: open architectures for learning             
14  Assessment                                                                                 
15  Progression, challenge and differentiation                               
16  Acknowledgements